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NOTE: I am not English, so sorry for any mistakes (grammar, words etc). If you want
to, point out to me what I could've done better. Also, suggestive ideas are welcome as well.
Sorry for the in-game dialogues. I tried to keep those as low as possible.The answers/options my character gives are the ones I pick in the game (most of them). I think I did okay though. And sorry for the slow chapter; this is just an intro (much like in the game). Still hope you'll enjoy it.

Chapter 1: The Longest Day

It was a beautiful day in Skyrim; the sun shone brightly up in the cloudless sky, birds were chirping all around and bunnies hopped playfully around. Days like this were rare in the province of Skyrim; most places were cold and unforgiving, and even if the sun was shining on a clear day, it didn't burn as hot as it did today. But sadly, Krista couldn't enjoy it, because she had been captured by the Empire and was now bound on a carriage and on her way to an execution. On all the days she could return home...
Krista was a Nord and born in Skyrim, but raised in Cyrodiil. Her mother left shortly after she was born, for reasons still unknown to her. As a result, her father decided to leave Skyrim, running away from his grief, and took Krista with him, heading to Cyrodill to build a new life. But after a couple of years, her father left one day and never returned.

Two days ago, she tried to cross the border, coming home for the first time since she left so many years ago. Well, not tried, she succeeded. She came back, hoping to find any information about her parents. Both of them left, and because she never got any news that they had passed away, she figured there was a chance they might still be alive. The chance that she might find her mother here was bigger than her father's; he left while they lived in Cyrodiil.

But of course, when things seemed to go pretty easy, they didn't. She happened to come across a couple of Imperial soldiers, acknowledging her as a Nord, but still didn't care for her sneaking into the province. When they became hostile and attacked her, she was able to kill two of them before she was overpowered and one of them hit her unconscious. Now she was awake, learning that they were on their way to Helgen. She shared the carriage with three other men. The one in front of her, a blonde, blue-eyed Nord named Ralof, was surprisingly calm for someone being sentenced to death. He was sitting next to a man who was smart enough to be terrified; a Nord with the name Lokir. Lokir was the only one, aside from Krista, who wasn't wearing Stormcloak armor, and she wondered how he ended up here. Her unspoken question was answered when he told Ralof he was captured trying to steal a horse when the Imperials ambushed the Stormcloaks. Krista believed that he, too, was at the wrong place at the wrong time. The third man, who was sitting next to Krista, was also a Nord. But not just a Nord; it was Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm and leader of the Stormcloak rebellion. She hadn't known it was him until Ralof told them, though she has heard of him. He was the only one who was both bound and gagged, but she didn't ask why. She figured they would all die anyway, so what was the point in knowing?  

Helgen came into view, and soon they rode through the gates and into the city. A lot of people were standing outside their front-porches, probably to watch the execution. The carriages took them deeper into the city until they stopped near an archway. Lokir wondered why they stopped and Krista had to bite her lip to keep from calling him a stupid skeever. From the carriage, she had a clear view from the headsman's block and the Imperials that stood around it, accompanied by a Priestess of Arkay. They got out of the carriage, waiting for their names to be called out by a soldier named Hadvar. After Lokir's name was mentioned (and made a pathetic attempt to escape where he got shot by archers), Hadvar turned his attention to Krista.

'' Who are you? '', he asked. He eyed his list a second time before turning his gaze back on her again. Confusion was glued on his face.

'' Krista '', she answered. She didn't sound as brave as she hoped she would.

'' You picked a bad time to come home to Skyrim, kinsman.''

'' Yeah, no kidding.''

Hadvar seemed like a nice guy; he even tried to save her life by telling his Captain that her name wasn't even on his list, but the Captain wouldn't hear it . He turned to Krista again. '' I'm sorry '', he apologized and went on with his list.

All the prisoners were lined up, and the Imperial commander named Tullius stood arrogantly opposite Ulfric Stormcloak. '' Ulfric Stormcloak! Some here in Helgen call you a hero. But a hero doesn't use a power like The Voice to murder his king and usurp his throne.''

Ulfric responded with a muffled grunt.

'' You started this war, plunged Skyrim into chaos, and now the Empire is going to put you down, and restore the peace.''

Right then, a terrifying howl was heard in the distance. It sounded big, but after a second or two, Tullius waved it away like it was nothing and implied that they'd carry on. The Captain turned to the Priestess of Arkay, who was told to give the prisoners their last rites, when an impatient red-headed Stormcloak soldier cut her off and walked over to the block. He kneeled down, placed his head on the block and waited while the blade was brought down with a swing and be-headed him.

'' Next, the Nord in the rags! '', the Captain called.

Another howl was heard, closer this time. It send shivers down Krista's spine, and probably everybody else's too. This time, it was the Captain who ignored it and called out to Krista again. Krista fought back tears, had a lump in her throat and her hands were sweaty. Her heart raced like crazy when she stepped up to the block. She started to kneel down when somebody pushed her down with their foot and her head hit the block rather hard. They didn't even bother to remove the head from the box and in this heat (well, heat for the Nords anyway), it already started to smell. The headsman raised his blade, but before he could strike it down, something big and black flew from over the mountains and landed on the tower behind him. It was a creature unlike Krista has ever seen; with its burning red eyes, scales and horns as black as the night and its long wings that reminded Krista of that of a bat's. It roared with a thundering sound and Krista could swear it was speaking before deciding that she may have hit her head a bit too hard. When these few seconds since the monstrosity arrived felt like an eternity, the prisoner Ralof kept urging her to get up. She obeyed without hesitation, and followed him into the tower behind him. Ulfric was already inside, accompanied by two other Stormcloaks. Ralof ascended the stairs and Krista followed him blindly. The dragon had blasted a hole in the tower, and the rocks kept them from continuing further up. Ralof then told Krista to jump through the hole into a nearby inn. She did, and exits again to find Helgen burning.

'' Zu'u Alduin, zok sahrot do naan ko Lein! '', a voice spoke. The monstrosity flew over her head, and now Krista was certain it was speaking.

After evading the dragon a couple of times, she arrived at the keep and followed Ralof inside. There he cut her binds, and she was able to take some gear from a dead Stormcloak soldier. They made their way through the keep, fighting Imperials, spiders and a bear along they way, until they finally reached the exit.

'' We can find food and shelter in Riverwood '', Ralof told her after the dragon flew over them and disappeared from view. '' My sister runs the mill there, she'll help us out.''

'' Lead the way '', Krista replied.

Even though she and Ralof hadn't spoken with each other much, she enjoyed his company. He wasn't talkative and nosy, which suited her just fine. They arrived in Riverwood late that afternoon. There she met his sister, Gerdur, who, after Ralof gave her a quick explanation about what had happened, offered her food and rest. She would've accepted it, were it not for Gerdur's request to head for Whiterun and tell the Jarl about the dragon attack. It seemed too important to wait, and Whiterun wasn't that far away from Riverwood. She thanked Gerdur for her help, and promised Ralof she would see him again. He suggested she should join the Stormcloaks, and it was something she defintely considered doing.

Whiterun came in view, and Krista started down the hill and turned left at the crossroads. The sun was already starting to set, and she was glad to be indoors, or at least within city walls, after dark. She didn't mind sleeping outside, but after the day she had, she could use a dry place and a warm bed. Just as she thought the trip went uneventful, she passed a farm where a giant was fighting three individuals out in the field. Krista drew her bow she managed to pick up from a dead Imperial back in Helgen and fired an arrow. It hit him in the shoulder, but the giant kept bashing away with his club. The second arrow hit him in the chest, and just then, it was thrown out of balance by one of the three individuals. As it lay there on the ground, one of the three dug a sword in its chest and died a few seconds later.

As Krista shouldered her bow, a red-haired woman came toward her. She was one of the three and was one of the wildest looking women Krista had ever seen. Stripes of warpaint covered her face, and she wore an armor unfamiliar to her. It didn't look like it protected much, especially from the sides, so Krista figured she must be an experienced fighter.

'' Thanks for the aid '', the woman said, stopping in front of her. '' Not that we needed it.''

'' No problem '', Krista replied sarcastically.

'' But you handled yourself well '', the woman continued. '' We're always looking for good fighters to join the Companions, so if you're on your way to Whiterun and staying...''

'' The Companions? ''

'' We're a group of warriors based in Jorrvaskr. Just look for an overturned ship and look for Kodlak Whitemane once inside. He's our Harbinger and he'll decide if you can join or not.''

Krista wasn't really planning on staying in Whiterun, but honestly, she had no idea what she would do after meeting the Jarl. At this moment, she wasn't even sure why in Oblivion she ever came back to Skyrim. " I'll think about it '', she answered finally.

The woman nodded once and then went past her, followed by her companions. One of them, a Breton girl, smiled at her, as did the man who ended the line. Whoever these Companions were, at least they were friendly. As they were heading to Whiterun, she followed them, but almost immediately lost them out of sight, since she was so tired. And when she finally arrived at the front gates, one of the guards was reluctant to let her in.

'' The city is closed with the dragons about '', he told her.

'' Gerdur from Riverwood sent me. I have news about the dragon attack in Helgen.''
The guard hesitated. '' All right then '', he finally said. '' The jarl is up in Dragonsreach.''

'' Thank you '', Krista said, not meaning it, and went through the gates.
Another guard eyed her suspiciously, but remained silent. Whiterun was silent, but she wasn't surprised since it was already dark. She passed by a shop called Warmaiden's and went further into town until she reached the marketplace. The marketstalls stood in a circle around a well, and there, up a small hill, stood an inn named The Bannered Mare. She so desperately wanted to go inside, but business first. She climbed up the steps to Dragonsreach, and again she was stopped by a guard.

'' Official business only! '' he barked at her.

'' I bring news from Helgen, about the dragon attack.''

'' Helgen? '' The guard stepped aside to let her through. '' Go right in.''

Once inside, she was once again stopped from further entering, this time by a female dark elf in leather armor. Her weapon was drawn as she approached her, but sheathed it once Krista told her why she was here, for the third time that night. She was allowed to be as close to the Jarl as she wanted, but she stopped in front of the small steps, where the throne stood atop. The man on the throne looked down on her.

'' So you were at Helgen? Is it true then; was it destroyed by a dragon? ''

Krista nodded. '' Yes. And when last I saw it, it was heading north.''

'' So, Proventus, what do you say now? Must we do nothing while the dragon's out there, burning villages and slaughtering people? ''

Irileth intervened before Proventus could answer. '' My Lord, we must send troops to Riverwood at once.''

Proventus shook his head. '' The Jarl of Falkreath will see that as a provocation. He will think you'll be siding with Ulfric--''

'' I'll deal with Jarl Siddgeir should that ever happen '', the Jarl said. He then turned to Irileth. '' Send a detachment to Riverwood at once.''

'' Yes, my Jarl! ''

Irileth left, and the Jarl turned his attention on Krista again. '' Well done '', he praised her. '' You've done Whiterun a service, and we won't forget it. With skills like yours, I believe I have a task for you.''

'Skills like yours?' Krista thought confused. She only just spoke to the Jarl about the dragon, nothing more. These people really were happy with the littlest things.
The Jarl got out of his throne, and motioned Krista to follow him. He led her to a room adjoining the main hall, where a cloaked figure stood behind a desk, browsing through a book.

'' Farengar, I believe I found someone to help with this project of yours '', The Jarl said as they stopped in front of his desk.

Farengar was the court wizard and was especially interested in dragons. He put down his book and looked their way, and still Krista couldn't see much under his hood.'' Yes, you certainly seem able to fetch something for me '', Farengar replied after he looked her over. He probably wasn't known for his compliments. '' A Dragonstone, said to contain a map of dragon burial sites.''

'' All right. And where am I going? ''

'' Bleak Falls Barrow '', the wizard answered. Krista sensed a smile in his tone, but she couldn't tell. '' It's west of Riverwood, up in the mountain.''

Ralof told her about this temple and knew how to get there. '' I'll leave first thing in the morning.''

The Jarl nodded in response. '' Good. We await your arrival in a few days. Be careful.''

Krista nodded as well, then turned around and left Dragonsreach. She walked into the Bannered Mare, where a fire pit in the center greeted her heartedly. The inn was crowded, but if they had a room for her, she could probably sleep anyway. She walked up to the bar and sat down on the stool.

'' Welcome '', the woman behind the bar greeted. '' What can I get for you today? ''
'' A room, if you have one.''

'' I have one. Ten septims and it's yours.''

Krista counted the coins she managed to loot from the Imperials she killed back in Helgen and placed ten of them on the bar.

'' Anything else? ''

'' What's on the menu? ''

'' I just finished a stew, it's rich with ingredients, and more importantly, it's warm. Good to keep the cold out.''

Krista smiled. This woman loved her work; she could tell. Or perhaps she was just excited to see someone new in this town. Whatever it was, she was glad to meet someone not distrusting of strangers.'' How much? '' she asked.

'' Tell you what: I'll include it in your room. You look like you've been through a lot '' she said sympathetically.

'' Thank you.''

After her meal, she thanked the woman behind the bar, who she learned was named Hulda, and went up to her room. She drifted off, and thought of all the things that have happened that day. And what a day it was. The longest one she ever had.
Skyrim: Krista the Dragonborn
The first chapter is finally finished! It's a little bit short though, but I promise the next ones will be longer. Although, if you have any ideas/suggestions, I'll gladly add them to this chapter. I can't promise when I will upload the second one, since it's not even written yet (I make these up as I go. I've written other chapters though). I'm currently working a lot, so bear with me ;)

(c) Characters and settings: Bethesda
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Sorry to be inactive again :( I'm hooked again on pokemon x (and soon pokemon omega ruby XD) and getting all kinds of pokemon :p
And I just worked for six days straight. And I still have a little financial crisis, but (hopefully) nothing to worry about. Working on that at the moment, but it's not something to put me in the mood for drawing. Anyway, thanks for understanding and i hope to be back soon ;)


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